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Safely defrag your Registry with System Mechanic 9

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Introducing New System Mechanic 9  
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Get under windows - boot-time tune-up performs vital operations only possible before Windows loads

Safely perform low-level tune-up operations on your PC with System Mechanic 9.

Dear intrudere1.poster@blogger.com,

Just as certain important medical procedures require full anesthesia to be carried out safely, there are critical computer tune-up and repair operations that require similar full access to the machine. These processes can only take place safely during “boot-up” -- the time when your PC has been powered on, but hasn’t finished loading Windows yet.

>> Get new System Mechanic 9 for only $29.95 (normally $49.95)

Crucial actions like registry and system file defragmentation can and should only occur during boot-time when the software performing the action can’t be interrupted by other programs.

Beware of any program that claims to be able to accomplish these actions while Windows is running. During iolo Labs’ research efforts, products that make such claims have been carefully observed. Alarmingly, these programs simply ask you to “close down any running programs” before the low-level process begins. This is the equivalent of asking you to merely shut your eyes before open-heart surgery begins!

In System Mechanic 9, iolo‘s engineering team has improved on the product’s important boot-time functionality, offering greater flexibility and control over these operations, improved performance, and more effective results.

>> Click here to learn more about how to safely perform boot-time tune-up operations with System Mechanic 9.

Throughout the next several weeks, we'll be delivering in-depth information about System Mechanic 9 and its revolutionary approach to PC performance, so we invite you to stay tuned by both getting version 9 and keeping an eye on your inbox for more articles as they arrive.

Light on System resources...

"Light on System resources..."
Mark S., Colorado

Simply fabulous! Fixed my desktop and laptop

"Simply fabulous! Fixed my desktop and laptop."
Sharon J., United Kingdom

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